November 6th, 2015

7: Component Driven Development

Oli Griffiths

Gin & Tonic

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  • "Why are we not versioning HTML? If we had versioning we could make apps and say we support HTML5 or HTML5.1. HTML4 meant more than HTML5 does."

  • "Any time that you have any one language to rule them all, you're going to struggle for innovation. You need competition to move things forward."

  • "We make mistakes as developers, we don't necessarily always go down the right path. But we try and fail and come up with another idea."

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  • 00:23 - The Drink
  • 01:01 - About Oli
  • 37:32 - What do you think about the native vs. web battle?
  • 48:46 - Why do you thinkg the British sound smarter?
  • 52:30 - Why did you choose Ember or Backbone and Angular?
  • 01:21:38 - Is there a chance that web development will become component driven practice with proper versioning?
  • 01:24:40 - The Questionnaire
  • 01:25:22 - If Jesus was a programmer would he be front end or back end and what language would he be good at?
  • 01:26:12 - Why is React famous?
  • 01:27:29 - What would you write from scratch?
  • 01:28:34 - If you weren't a programmer, what would you be?
  • 01:29:20 - What technology do you wish you were better at?
  • 01:30:34 - How's programming different now to when you started?
  • 01:32:32 - What's the coolest thing you worked on?
  • 01:32:55 - What's your biggest fuck up?
  • 01:33:31 - Is it a good time to become a programmer?
  • 01:33:54 - What's the future of the web?
  • 01:35:32 - What technologies are you excited about, as a consumer?
  • 01:37:38 - How can young engineers become like Oli Griffiths?
  • 01:40:42 - What would you say to the young Oli Griffiths?
  • About the guest:
  • Oli is a Software engineer at Tumblr.
  • He was Head of Mobile at Expand The Room.
  • He ran a barcamp at Expand The Room, see here.
  • He built the European Music Awards for MTV. It's available on iTunes here.
  • He was the Lead Developer and Technical Director at Organic Development.
  • Oli's Website
  • @oligriffiths
  • Oli Griffiths @ LinkedIn
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