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Nov 6th, 2015

7. Component Driven Development

Oli Griffiths

Gin & Tonic

  • Why are we not versioning HTML? If we had versioning we could make apps and say we support HTML5 or HTML5.1. HTML4 meant more than HTML5 does.
  • Any time that you have any one language to rule them all, you're going to struggle for innovation. You need competition to move things forward.
  • We make mistakes as developers, we don't necessarily always go down the right path. But we try and fail and come up with another idea.

About the Guest

  • Oli is a Software engineer at Tumblr.
  • He was Head of Mobile at Expand The Room.
  • He ran a barcamp at Expand The Room, see here.
  • He built the European Music Awards for MTV. It's available on iTunes here.
  • He was the Lead Developer and Technical Director at Organic Development.