September 18, 2015

1: From Developer to Engineer

James Wanga

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  • "I suspect more people joined the military in the late 90s because they were asked to program web pages and they were like 'nope, I would rather be shot'."

  • "I bet you there are more suicides in the world prorated to people having to decompile coffee script, than there are to almost anything else programming related."

  • "My job as an engineer, is not to engineer, it is to create a product."

  • About the guest:
  • James Wanga was born in Kenya.
  • He has been a software engineer for over 10 years.
  • He is the founder of Gotham Labratories.
  • He is a Senior Software Engineer at Morgan Stanley
  • He was a Front End Web Development Instructor at General Assembly.
  • Other experiences include working with NASA, HBO, DOOR3, DOW JONES, NPR, Mosaic Learning and more...
  • 'I believe deeply in well tested, responsive, software that disappears and lets the user get on with the business of creating.'
  • @jameswanga
  • James Wanga @ LinkedIn
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