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Dec 24th, 2015

11. Startup Life

Patrick Mowrer


  • I think Jesus would struggle with CSS. There's nobody who doesn't struggle with CSS. It's a mess.
  • When you learn you should have the minimum amount of information necessary and not a whole ton of configuration that you might not even need, then you have no clue what's really going on.
  • Our industry is becoming so complicated, in not only frontend but also backend, that all these things are becoming such big animals on their own that trying to strive in all of them is more than you can chew.

About the Guest

  • Patrick is the Lead Frontend Engineer at Updater.
  • He was the Lead Developer at SPORTS195.
  • He was a Senior Software Engineer at YouNow.
  • He was a Lead Application Developer at Tinychat.
  • He was a Flex Developer at HBO.
  • He was a Quality Engineer at Adobe.
  • He was a Founding member of Aloha Charity.
  • He is from Sweden and is not mad at me for thinking IKEA food is good.