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Apr 29th, 2016

14. Get Rich Writing CSS

Chris 'Max' Mathers

Hakushu Japanese Whiskey

  • It's not good enough to know how to Float something Right.
  • The most frustrating thing for anybody that has a high level of expectation about the fidelity of the rendered page to the comps is when some people just say “Good enough”.
  • Because of the inconsistencies of the browsers and how they happen to render a page, the browser might decide to barf all over you. You have to figure out what it wants… like any relationship.
  • [When writing CSS] having a one-off page is dangerous because you have to maintain a one-off. The user is probably not going to know what he is seeing but he is going to detect inconsistencies.
  • The web standards have always been what Microsoft decides to support.
  • Tables are not evil, the reason that they became evil is because we got a solution so that we didn’t have to use tables for layout… and because of the whole way browsers render nested tables.

About the Guest

  • Chris is 'THE CSS GUY' everyone knows and loves.
  • He is a frontend developer at Bloomberg.
  • He was a frontend developer at HBO.
  • He was a frontend developer at Roundarch.
  • He was a frontend developer at
  • He went to Manhattan school of music.
  • He toured around the world playing double bass for a musical theater with Richard Chamberlain.
  • He was also my bass player but he's moving to London so whatever...
  • Oh yeah and he looks like Ronald Reagan!