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May 20th, 2016

15. CSS Life

JR Palomar

Laphroaig Scotch Whisky

  • You can spend months and months trying to get logical backend systems to talk to client side systems, but people are going to be like 'Well, that button is not quite blue'.
  • A lot of times in a lot of companies they think just because you write software you are a visual person. That is incorrect. Writing UI is a whole different class and league of its own.
  • In my opinion service system are easy to write because it is literally 'data in, data out'. If you fuck that up... get the fuck out.
  • Having multiple disciplines in one house, you are able to create something truly beautiful.
  • As a developer, if you are complacent, just find something else.

About the Guest

  • JR was born on a small island in the Philippines where coconuts were used to imitate horse hoofs.
  • He is a Senior Software Engineer at MasterCard Technologies.
  • He was a Software Engineer at Fossil Group
  • He was a Software Development Engineer at NetSocket.
  • He had been a part of a team that developed patent-pending technologies related to software ip networking automation at his first position out of university
  • He was part of a team to implement full end to end AEM integration on an enterprise e-commerce platform including a checkout path.
  • Also, he believes in America, America #1!