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Aug 19th, 2016

16. Simulation Hypothesis by the DJ Programmer

Mike Fisher


  • When you're looking at an (Angular) controller, you really don't care about how the sorting algorithm works, you care that the sorting algorithm works.
  • When in doubt, refactor.
  • We are contemplating the nature of reality here on The Drunk Web, and what better way to do that than with a cocktail in your hand.
  • You think, I kinda think, most people think, that you and I live in base reality, that this is the real thing and all other everything is stemmed from this. But the simulation hypothesis is that that is not the case and that we are the branch of a tree.

About the Guest

  • Mike is a Senior Software Engineer at InRhythm.
  • He's part of a team responsible for building the Masterpass web application.
  • He was a part of the team responsible for building Shutterstock Editor, a react based photoshop like image editor in the browser.
  • He has experiences at Yellow Hammer, Interbrand and cisco.
  • He is also a DJ with stage name 'Lovecraft'.
  • He DJ'd for 3000+ people at Burning Man.
  • He has experience working with artists like Tommy Lee, Kid Cudi and P. Diddy.
  • He went to Berklee collage of music.
  • He is surprisingly good with Yo Yo.