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Nov 20th, 2018

23. Own That Product

Ryan Crowe & Jesse Owens

Old Fashioned, Tequila & eventually Rum from the bottle

  • You have to realize that not every product vision is a 100% accurate, more likely and perhaps the vision is something great but the strategy of getting there is almost certainly going to be flawed when you start out.
  • Engineers love to talk about what they do, especially if you get them lunch. So you could get everything out of them in an hour that can propel you in a sense that you can be more effective at your job.
  • Be fancy about your documentation. Be fancy about your pipelines.
  • Tech Debt is not a one time thing. We are all constantly producing Tech Debt. You, living your life, means you have to frequently shower. You have to contantly brush your teeth. Tech Debt is like brushing your teeth. You, by being a human being, are producing poison. You have to make sure you clean it up.