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Jan 15th, 2019

24. Working Remotely

Vasily Myazin

Hot Toddy

  • [Working remotely] is like you are by youself, but also every day you are with the collective.
  • The job itself keeps you together, as a freelancer you could go off the rails a little bit easier, but when you have some people you are accoutable to at work, it keeps you together.
  • When it comes to working from an island, there are trade-offs. It's a grey area. You have to make personal peace with it first.

About the Guest

  • Vasily is a product designer and developer who works remotely, virtually 90% of the time, these days from Thailand.
  • He hosts the podcasts Everyday Journey (in English) and Technology & Life (in Russian).
  • He made guest appearances on TheDrunkWeb in the past.
  • He is an active practitioner of mindful meditation and Stoicism.