January 27, 2019

25: Homeless to $100,000 in 2 Years

Adam Davies

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  • "Try working for someone for free. See what live code looks like, dissect it and see if you can add to it."

  • "If you have someone in your vicinity that can teach you coding, I really would suggest reaching out to them and getting some mentorship."

  • "You have to learn how to do it on the fly."

  • "The thing is you can go through these courses, and you will find that you think you are learning how to code but when you are working for a company you will find that there are a lot of little things that are not taught at any of these courses and web immersives."

  • "Meetups with other coders where you can look at code samples and learn from, I think that's pretty important."

  • About the guest:
  • Adam is a Front End Engineer at InRhythm.
  • He went from sleeping in his car in a parking lot in Michigan, to coding and successfully launching his own company, Maidstay, and earning a full-time software engineer role in New York City.
  • He is an Entrepreneur, programmer and hopeful future philanthropist, looking to help people and continue learning while(loop) bringing the people around him up as well.
  • He is the owner and CTO of Maidstay, A New Jersey and New York house cleaning service.
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