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Feb 23rd, 2019

28. DevOps & Data Science

Sena Heydari

Old Fashioned

  • Labor is still the most costly aspect of any product. You're paying people to use their brain as efficiently as possible. If you get to the last day of the sprint and nobody in Ops has an environment ready for you to deploy, or even to test on, then [the company] are just wasting money, literally burning money every minute.
  • Nobody wants to be on call, nobody wants stuff breaking in the middle of the night, nobody wants to be out of the loop on the product they are responsible for because ultimately it just makes everybody's life suck more.

About the Guest

  • Sena started his love affair with technology at age 7. While growing up providing tech support to his family, he started in technology professionally in 2004.
  • After doing DevOps for over a decade with stints at Martha Stewart and TheaterMania, he transitioned into Data Engineering at in 2016.
  • Sena bakes cookies and cakes like he’s descended from Keebler Elves, cooks like the Swedish Chef, and is obsessed with movies and magic.