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Mar 16th, 2019

29. Why I left CERN

Victor Buzzegoli

French 75

  • Know where you're trying to go. Figure out how to get there.
  • Everything around you, your laptop, the internet, your GPS, all came from research. That's a side effect that people overlook too much.
  • Start with the basics and fully try to deeply understand what you're doing. You're going to be a much much better engineer.
  • Do not take shortcuts. Face the problem first, and then you'll understand why we have all these solutions, and what choice to make.

About the Guest

  • Victor was born in France, and moved to the US in 2016.
  • He is now Software Engineer at InRhythm in NYC.
  • He is a former engineer at CERN, in charge of building SUGAR - 3, a 3D simulator used for the alignment of the accelerators and detectors of the LHC, the largest particle accelerator in the world.
  • He is co-founder and CEO of Hyperspeed.
  • He was valedictorian of his first Master (Computer Science), went to study Business, Astrophysics and Quantum Physics at UC Berkeley, and recently completed a second Master(Information Technology and Management) at Illinois Tech.