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Apr 10th, 2019

32. Dev Culture on Social Media

@coding and @dvlp.r


  • You always learn something, either about yourself or how to do it better in the future. I feel like I'm going to do probably five more projects before the one hits where I'm like 'Ok I've got it all figured out. This is my system. This is how I do it'.
  • People are trying to learn how to code. They ask 'Hey, what's the one thing I should do and I'll get a job as a coder?' - It's only human nature. We're all looking for a silver bullet all the time. Programming is no different.
  • Maybe you're not exactly the best at sitting down and taking courses all the time, or maybe you love doing that. There are different paths that you can take to get to where you want to go.

About the Guest

  • Ben Potter (@coding) is a high school student with a love for project-driven programming
  • He runs @coding to highlight the programming community on Instagram & eliminate steriotyoes about the industry. (Also to make some $ from sponsorships)
  • Also runs social media pages for tech companies & startups
  • Seph Cordovano (@dvlp.r) on instagram