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Apr 14th, 2019

33. Women in Tech

Aliah Andujo

Dirty Martini

  • If you go in there and you learn your environment and you do your job and you produce the work that you promised, then you can introduce change. If you come in as an outsider and you attack and you offend, no one is going to listen to you.
  • This whole idea of 'They didn't accept me because I'm a girl' is just not the case. There are women out there that are in the same boat as you, and we want to help you get that job. We want to help you navigate through that experience. We want to warn you of some of the things that you shouldn't take offense to because that is the culture.
  • I'm in fear of failure because society tells you that you have to succeed all the time and I've actually learned that failure is OK, you know why? Because when you fail, you actually build upon those failures in order to succeed.

About the Guest

  • Aliah is currently an Incident Response Security Analyst @Costco Corporate
  • She worked in Major Frauds at the DoJ.
  • She worked in Social engineering and vulnerability assessment overseas.
  • She has a background in Mobile forensics and hacking.
  • She mentors cybersecurity students on their path to success.