May 4th, 2019

34: Code Bootcamps

Jason Decker

Campari Spritz

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  • "What can give you the motivation? It needs to be some kind of journey that you went through life, that emotions have built up, that either something pissed you off enough that you say 'I want the power to build something' or you realize 'I love the art of crafting something out of nothing."

  • "I think if you have a deep emotional passion, that is basically the fuel that can help you through this journey. But fuel alone without some kind of plan is not going to take you anywhere."

  • "The journey of the bootcamp and interviewing is difficult, but once you get a job it becomes a different kidn of difficult. It's not like the job itself is a breeze either."

  • "In a way, something that I deeply admire about our profession is that it is democratic. 'I want to be a craftman', well, build something then show me that something."

  • "It's going to be bad until you get that offer. Now, what's going to push you through the bad? Passion and community."

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