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May 27th, 2019

35. Kimchi, Kombucha & the YouTube Chef

Mike Greenfield

Mezcal Kombucha

  • As far as inspiration for your own craft, you just gotta do things. Fear will crush you. You gotta take risks. You gotta be alright with failing. So many people don’t start because they want things to be perfect. Nothing is perfect. Things will develop.
  • People look at 1.4 Million subscribers or whatever. Well, I was making videos on vimeo with no subscribers. This stuff takes years.
  • You need what you have. Make it work.
  • When you're dwindling in your fridge and things get uncomfortable, I love those moments now because that’s where you innovate. That’s where you come up with new stuff because you’re forced.
  • If you're going to clean up your diet, just try attacking the best ingredients. That's it. Just go from there.

About the Guest

  • Mike is a cooking show host, content creator and food educator. He has inspired thousands of people to cook through his multiple cooking shows.
  • He is the host of Brothers Green Eats, a YouTube cooking show with 1.4 Million subscribers.