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Oct 18th, 2019

38. Being a Practitioner

Metin Senler

Grüner White Wine

  • If a band really enjoys what they're doing on stage you don't have to be a musician to understand that. You're like 'Those guys are awesome!'. Even if they're in the wrong key or something but they enjoy it you go 'Yeah, that's cool'.
  • Your own interpretation of things is actually quite dangerous. Interpreting/assuming things during briefings is the worst thing you can do because you get excited and then you just get started. By then you've already put in some time and work, just to find out in the next meeting that it was for nothing.

About the Guest

  • Metin is the founder of Senler Media and lives in Switzerland.
  • He has a great YouTube channel where he talks about photography, camera gear, entrepreneurship and his life.