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Oct 9th, 2015

4. Staying Relevant

Neil Bhay

Cafe Patrón, Baileys

  • As long as you produce results, your track record along the way will lead to eventual success.
  • What we do on the web is an art to some extent, it takes an artistic passion as well as a very logical mind to be successful with technology.
  • If you can find your strength and exploit yourself to those strengths and make a big impact on your company, that will speak for you for ages.

About the Guest

  • Neil is the Vice President of Technology for Multiplatform Entertainment at Viacom.
  • He was a Technical Manager for Digital Products at HBO.
  • He was a Senior Director of Application Development at PSL Group.
  • He was a Senior Project Manager WebMD.
  • He's also the lead singer and guitar player for Stones In Pockets.