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Jul 29th, 2022

45. Engineering Management

Brian Dainton

Ranch Water

What a wonderful thing it is, this internet of ours, where strangers with common interests and attitudes can somehow find each other and create a bond where no way in hell was ever possible before these 1s and 0s started to travel through the miracle of HTTP. I’m excited to be back and I plan to stay back and frequent, and I have a special guest for you today, and he might just be a much better version of myself. I hope you enjoy it. Engineering Management with Brian Dainton.

  • If I had to give a single one thing that any manager should focus on, that is nail your one-on-ones.
  • Being approachable in such a way that your station is not constantly held over peoples heads I think goes a long way to reducing the barriers that people encounter when they consider asking for help. Also as an engineering manager you can very commonly break that down by periodically asking your team for help, even if Junior members.
  • When somebody meets their manager they’re gonna very quickly determine whether or not that manager is there for themselves or if they’re there for me. The relationship that ensues is based very much on that initial impression.