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Apr 10th, 2023

47. My Big Fat Wedding Website

Charlton Roberts

Mezcal Negroni

'Remember when' is what we are living in right now. Charlton and I sit down to talk about the many iterations of his homemade wedding website and what technologies he tried before he landed on, AirTable? We talk a lot about JavaScript, its current state, the latest runners and tools, the DOM API, and the absolute luxury the two of us have been afforded to work with such a phenomenal group of people at, on this wonderful product we all love and care so much for.

  • There are so many ways to do the same thing. JavaScript is a great language for learning all these different methodologies. There's rarely a true absolute right way to do something in JavaScript.
  • Boolean names needing to be a yes or no question is _so_ powerful. It even goes deeper than that, so you can do things like 'should', 'will', 'does', or even 'could'! So you can even play with the nuance of 'I'm not 100% certain'... Shout out JavaScript, forcing you to get good at naming because it's so flexible you have to kind of imply all the unintended assumptions.
  • You take the class model, that was a big thing in ES6. At the time, people were struggling with prototypes but they needed member variables and functions on classes. All the Computer science courses at the time were Java and C++ based. Now, in the hooks era, we're going back to the original strength of JavaScript, which is event-driven.