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Oct 29th, 2015

6. History of AJAX

Charles Fulnecky


  • Everyone thinks we are supposed to be these mathematically inclined tech nerds, but by and large we are all frustrated artists. Code is a virtual extension of art.
  • We developers get into our code cave and then we have to come out and talk to real people and articulate what we're trying to do and it's just so hard sometimes.
  • All of these frameworks out there are there to fill in deficiencies in browsers. However, as the browsers start to incorporate all of these features, it's a stopgap.
  • When people aren't happy with you, you just have to step back and stay on message.
  • It's really about keeping your ego in check. If you are one of those strong leaders that people just follow, go for it because that works too. But for me it's about the team.

About the Guest

  • Charles is a Web Architect at HBO.
  • He was a Web Consultant at Morgan Stanley.
  • He was a Senior Creative Engineer at Digitas where he took over the lead GUI architect role in the early development stage of an Agile Mobile Web project for American Express, seamlessly adapting to as well as championing and extending the existing micro-framework based architecture.
  • He was a Senior Software Architect at Technodyne.
  • He was a Senior Software Architect at Scientific Research Corporation
  • He was a Senior Software Engineer at Joint Test & Evaluation Program Office
  • He was a Senior Software Engineer at BAE Systems Information Technology
  • He was a Software Engineer at Science Applications International Corporation
  • He was a Programmer at Collins Engineers, Inc.
  • The list goes on and on...