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Nov 13th, 2015

8. The Real Concern with Angular

John Savarino

Bengali Tiger Beer

  • There is peaks and troughs. You never really reach some sort of pinnacle. You always go back and learn more. I think of it as learning to play an instrument. Except this pays!
  • Just go back and do everything you can to get to the next step and recognize that there is always a next step.
  • As far as JavaScript is concerned, if you understand the patterns in use and can write those on your own you are probably in a pretty good shape.

About the Guest

  • John is a Senior Engineer at ADP innovation lab
  • He was a Lead Front End Engineer at Morgan Stanley.
  • He was a Senior Front End Engineer at Neosavvy, Inc.
  • He was a Senior Front-End Engineer at HBO.
  • He was a Lead Front-End Engineer at Time Inc.
  • He was a Lead Front-End Engineer at Equinox.
  • He was a Front-End Engineer at Roundarch, MRM Worldwide, CoreBrand, and YB Services