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Nov 27th, 2015

9. Backend vs. Frontend Cultural Differences

Luke Lappin

Moscow Mule

  • Take your degree in philosophy and theology, and learn ReactJS and then make 200 million dollars per year.
  • Don't change your life in one weekend, said Luke Lappin, I've done it twice.
  • That's what I really like about computer programming, when you meet the best of the best it's great, when you meet the worst, you just wanna punch them!

About the Guest

  • Luke is the first backend engineer to be on The Drunk Web.
  • He has been a Java developer for 10+ years.
  • He is a Senior Enterprise Architect at InRhythm
  • He was a Technical Architect at Razorfish
  • He was a Senior Software Engineer at HBO
  • He was a Senior Java Developer / Architect at Hewlett-Packard
  • He was a Senior Java/Web Developer at Electronic Data Systems
  • He was a Java/Web Developer at Towers Perrin
  • Java Java Java Java
  • More Java