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Sep 9th, 2017

18. The Self-Taught Programmer

Brent Bevolo

Whiskey Smash

  • You're gonna hit an aha moment like 'Oh I can totally do this'. For me, having random experiences and doing what the client needed and then moving on to something else entirely gave me enough of a base to then have one course be my aha moment.
  • Agile is a philosophy. It's a mindset. You either think that way or you don't. It's binary. You can't apply a set of rules to a team that doesn't think that way and have them function in an agile fashion.

About the Guest

  • Brent is a Software Architect at MasterCard.
  • He has a black belt in Taekwando.
  • He knows JR. We're all friends.
  • He is perhaps the biggest Barcelona fan.
  • Actually, Tool. He's the biggest Tool fan.