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Nov 17th, 2017

19. Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Austin Cornelio

Dark & Stormy

  • That's one thing I'm always trying do more and more and more of, is get the full picture, ask as many questions as possible. Who cares what people think. It doesn't matter. You gotta have all the information.
  • At this point in time you have so much legacy JavaScript, you're always gonna have to support that. So (JS) can't go away.
  • We've all worked with the developer who's just an asshole who thinks they're just too good for everybody else. Don't be like that. Have discipline to think about other people and what they are thinking. To me, the arrogant asshole developer that will not accept that he is wrong, is the worst possible type of person you could work with.

About the Guest

  • Austin is a Tech Lead at InRhythm, he has been leading teams for multiple fortune 50 companies such as American Express and Mastercard.
  • He’s been at Cake & Arrow, YellowHammer Media, Equinox, NY Stock Exchange, The Economist Intelligence Unit and more.
  • He shreds the guitar on a daily basis.
  • On top of it all, he arguably has the best hair in all of fin-tech, myself included.
  • He knows Luke. They were in a band together. We're all friends.