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Feb 16th, 2019

27. JavaScript Architecture

Ryan Watkins & Brent Bevolo


  • I fear monoculture for browsers. It's really hard to build one. It takes a ton of resources. Lack of competition is bad even in browsers. It's easier as a developer but it's bad for the consumer.
  • The web relies on a certain technology, and that technology is old. Some of it is old at this point, but you can't change it because you'd be breaking 80% of the internet. So you're just kind of keeping those things around. Maybe it's not always in the best interest of the consumer but that's just how the web works.
  • Typescript or bust lol
  • Consumer comes first, more than my convenience as a developer.
  • For me it's less about architecture, more like find what you enjoy and work your career so you end up doing the things that you like to do. Find a career path that will get you into the things that you want to continue to do.

About the Guest

  • Ryan Watkins is a Software Architect at Mastercard.
  • He was a VP of Technology at Fox Mobile Group.
  • He was a VP of Technology at Thumbplay.
  • He was a Senior Front End Technologist at MLB Advanced Media.
  • He was a Web Design Engineer at Microsoft.
  • Brent's bio on Episode 18.