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Jan 18th, 2020

39. Functional Programming

Charles Fulnecky

Kombuca Mezcal

  • The lazy programmer is the good programmer. The one that's always going to look for the easiest solution.
  • Regarding Functional Programming: I think we should do it. I think you're gonna write cleaner more understandable code, easier to debug and easier to test. And that's another aspect of why functional programming isn't as prevalent; people don't give a shit about testing! Testing is important. If you care about that functional programming will make your life easier.
  • Regarding Functional vs. OOP as the norm: This BETA vs. VHS all over again! It's not about what's better. It's about where the cards fall. Pure luck. No real reason. It's just the circumstances dictated that this was the way it's gonna fall out based upon a series of improbable events.

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