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Mar 18th, 2018

20. The State of the Web

James Wanga, Charlie Fulnecky, JR Palomar

Old Fashioneds & Tequila shots for some reason

  • It's so critical that developers have their ass handed to them every now and then because we live in this economy that values us so highly. Most engineers go through their life without the piece of critism that can help them improve because our skillset is so valuable right now.
  • Anyone who claims to be an expert across the stack, yes there are a few of those geniuses out there, but you can't expect that!
  • Nobody cares what it's written in, they just care about the experience.
  • Technology has become such a fundamental part of the way we live that our brains have begun thinking of our technological objects as extensions of the human body, and when parts of the human body don't respond within 100ms it elicits a warning in our neural pathways that something is wrong. So when you're mashing your fucking screen because something isn't happening that's a deep cognitive error that's being triggered. And suddenly I began to understand why performance is important.
  • If we're going to build the society that we want based around technology that humans can use to continue to improve society, technology needs to integrate with the human mind, and the first step are fast responsive web pages.
  • Every form of communication is derivative from the way early man discovered that you can introduce redundancy into messages to get them resilient across long distances. That is software. Software is nothing but information theory. The fact that it now happens in computers is completely incidental.

About the Guest

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  • Thank you to all the friends who came out to hang out with us and watch the recording in person. Much love.
  • Thank you to Almond NYC for hosting us.